The poll of Johnny Tremain

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Scared me up the ceiling

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            If it was my brother starting this story, he would probably start with something about our uncle. But it’s not him writing this story; I am. I woke up and brushed my teeth. Soon after, I went to the kitchen and took out a chicken wing from the refrigerator. I warmed it up and ate it. Usually, there aren’t any letters in the mailbox on Sunday. I check the mailbox every time, so now I have a habit of checking the mailbox; so I checked it. It was Sunday, and there shouldn’t have been a letter in the mailbox, but there actually was. I closed my eyes and rubbed them and opened my eyes. I thought I was dreaming, but there was actually a mail to one of us in the family.  

            The letter said it was to Anthony Cunningham. It was to me! But from who? It said ‘From the “Computer Genius” of all the times’. “What”? I thought there must’ve been a mistake but there it was, on the letter, my name; my actual name: Anthony Cunningham. I opened the letter and read that I was invited to the Halloween Party. “What?” I said again. Halloween isn’t before 4 months! I went inside and found out that my family was gone. The whole house was in ruins. Today was getting stranger and stranger. There was a letter on the half broken refrigerator. It said “Mr. Anthony Cunningham” It is a letter to me. I wonder what it’s about. “I have taken your family as a hostage. I’ll let them go on one deal. I know that you are the best computer genius and you are well-known, but I am the computer genius. Either hand yourself over to me or your family dies.” By now, I had tears in my eyes. “If you do anything cheeky, your families just simply depart their life. So if you want your parents to live and return, you must take a cab and come to this address: “598 Quarterback Street, Los Angeles U.S.A. 15200”.           

            I have paid you in the envelope for the cab. Remember, you have 24 hours. I will see you later with me.” “The computer intellect”. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I cried out in the house and ran around. I went outside and checked if the mailman was playing tricks on me. No one in sight. I looked back. “Wait a minute”, I said to myself, “this isn’t my house. This is my neighbor’s house. I am so dumb. But I got the mail from my mailbox, and it’s to me.” Hmmmm, I wondered. I’m getting confused.  I went home and looked for some snacks because my stomach was “gurgling”. There was nothing. I took the mail and went to the Main Road and stuck out a hand for the cab. It took me 15 minutes to find one. I read of the address, told the driver, and we moved on. I was a little petrified about what was going to happen to me.

            After 5 minutes, the tiny cab stopped. My terrified heartbeat became faster. I paid the driver out of the mail and got out of the cab. I was standing in a filthy street that was surrounded by houses on 2 sides. “Wait a minute,” I whispered to myself, “this street looks very familiar.” I saw the address on the door and went in. The door was opened for me, I think. I heard scrambling upstairs. I sneaked up and saw that the man was wearing a mask and tying my family on a rope against the pillar. He saw me and told me to lie down.

“Put your hands behind your head and lie down on the floor”, he said.

“But why do you want me?” I said.

“I don’t want somebody better than me.”

“It’s not my fault.”


            He picked me up and hugged me! He took of his mask and I saw that it was my uncle

behind the mask.

“Why did you have to scare me? You scared me till the ceiling!”

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to my dear nephew; happy birthday to you!”

“Happy birthday son!” shouted my dad, mom, and my elder brother, who was getting free of the “on -purpose -loose -rope.”

“We just wanted to check if you care about us,” said my dad, “and would try to sacrifice yourself to try to safe us; we’re proud of you son.”

“Phewww,” said I.

Then I smiled mischievously, they had no clue about the prank I had in store for them.



Harry Potter

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During the Eid Break, I played a wonderful game called Harry Potter 5 on PS3. It is really genius and is full of magic. You can cast so many spells just with the right analog. It is all full of missions and I think it will take me more than 1 year to finish the game. I sometimes get lost in the Hogwarts castle and I also get late for the class and then I lose points. My opinion is that it is a game for above 11 years old and below 40. It is hard for me but I don’t know about you people.





















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The book that I read over the holidays was called Takedown. It is about a person whose name is Sean Bailor. His enemy is Max Rundel and they are like almost fighting the whole time. Sean is in the wrestling team from his school while Max is also in his wrestling team from a different school. Sean meets a person called Clint Wagner. He is the assistant referee and thinks that Sean has potential and helps him. Sean thinks that the Clint is his father so he wants lost time to be made up (he is not his father). Sooner or later, Sean faces Max face to face on the mat and now we will see who will win. Well, Sean will win who is 2 inches shorter than Max!

Famous guy that I want to meet

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The famous person I want to meet is Kobe Bryant. He was a famous player from the NBA Los Angeles Lakers team. Kobe Bryant has come to Beijing on August 11 for coaching young players in the Adidas Street Basketball. One of my favorite sports is Street Basketball. It is usually played on streets and has fewer rules. Kobe Bryant is happy that he went to China because he really wanted to visit the Great Wall of China. He also visited cities such as Shanghai, Honk Kong, and Beijing.


Geography/ William Penn Letter

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Dear Pa and Ma                                                                                                          Nabil Almas

September 13 1669

            I am missing all of you citizens very much. Existence is becoming harder and harder day by day in America. I have therefore spent 6 years either in prison or sometimes hiding from people because I was under the suspicion of new rulers, William and Mary. I have become a proprietor of the Pennsylvania colony and am a Quaker. I have therefore an aspiration to find a larger colony under my manageable power that would grant a safe home for Quakers.

            I feel in high spirits that I have determined to formulate a colony for our Quakers here. My opinion is that I have done the right thing because I am serving my dear fellows for what they did for me. They taught me to read and write when I was a little child even if you are rich or poor. I suppose that they will assist me in the creation of the colony.

            Dear Pa, I believe you must remember that you gave King Charles-II £16, 000. He gave that money to me. I will pay you back later when I convene you afterwards. Anyways, I have also got in touch with the Duke and he has supported me to make it official. The King will name the colony in your tribute, Pennsylvania.

            I have marked my cousin, you must remember, William Markham, as Deputy Governor of the province and will ask him to manage the settlement. I believe that I have strong-willed to name my capital of the colony, Philadelphia.

            I expect that you all are all right there. It takes a great deal of hard work here building a big colony for my fellow Quakers. Give my regards to all. I will shortly congregate with you  and family if God wishes so and gives a longer life.

Thank you for understanding,

Truly yours,

William Penn


Compare and Contrast Massachusetts Bay Colony and Saudi Arabia

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            The most common thing between Saudi Arabia and the Massachusetts Bay Colony is Religion. The motivation that the Puritans came to the New World was because of Religion. They wanted Religious Freedom but the King at that time didn’t let them follow their own religion. So that means that religion was really harsh in England.

            Saudi Arab is really severe when it comes to religion. In Saudi Arab, women are banned to go outside and they have to wear abayahs and scarves. Women also cannot drive cars. The type of food here are somewhat forbidden because of the main religion, Islam.


            Farming was also common in New England, but not as common enough as the religion. New England farmers grew food mainly for their own use rather than crops like tobacco for sale. Most New England farmers were owned and run entirely by families. New England had little need for indentured servants or slaves.

            In Saudi Arab, there are very few farms nor do they grow tobacco but they import tobacco from other countries. Saudi Arabia has slaves only for household works.


            Neighboring people in Massachusetts were a great help to the Puritans. Even the Indians helped the Pilgrims and the Puritans. The community was friendly unlike many countries such as Saudi Arab.


Saudi Arab is full of Saudis and many others coming from many other countries impending for jobs. The Saudi neighbors are really irritating to people coming from other countries. My personal opinion is that the Saudis are jealous of the Non Arabs.